Alexander Tsekalo presented a new project and spoke of his wife: “We love each other and make love”



Darina Erwin and Alexander Tsekalo

After marrying Darina Erwin, 28, Alexander Tsekalo, 59, disappeared from the radar for a while. The Russian producer and television presenter moved to the United States, where his elected official lives and where a year ago they registered their marriage. The couple had a successful time during the pandemic, preparing for the launch of the new online project “Serieslist” – a preview of the series.

The spouses work there together – Alexander in the frame talks about the television projects he loved and Darina plays the role of a voiceover. And the first issue of Tsekalo started with words spread in quotation marks in the Russian press.

Alexander TsekaloYa and my wife Darisha love each other. We have sex. We cook together, watch TV shows. As you know, well-prepared food is also sex. A well-made series is also sex. I’m talking about very sexy TV shows. There are no erotic scenes in them, they are just very cool, “said Tsekalo, presenting his new show online.

Darina Erwin and Alexander Tsekalo

Darina Erwin, remember, became the fourth wife of Alexander, for whom he left his third wife, Victoria Galushka, who had been married for ten years, they raised two common children together.

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