Alipay began helping Chinese merchants with sales


The payment giant added a new section to its application

How Alipay helps Chinese merchants promote their products. Photo:

Alipay, the largest Chinese payment system, has created a special segment in its mobile application to promote merchants in Wuhan, the city where the outbreak of COVID-19 was first reported.

After taking strict quarantine measures, Alipay started helping local Wuhan merchants, making it easier for 900 million users to find merchants’ products and services.

The new section allows you to order local products directly through the Alipay application. This section provides access to online broadcasting of tourist spots across the city. Starting from Wuhan, Alipay later plans to make it available throughout China.

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It is reported that merchants can also use Alipay to apply for loans as part of the Zero Contact campaign jointly launched with Antobe’s online banking MYbank and 100 other PRC banks. During the first month, MYbank will not charge interest rates for 360 thousand Wuhan micro-merchants and reduce interest rates to 20% for merchants in Hubei province outside the city.

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We previously wrote that Alibaba’s Chinese online marketplace has launched a new online channel where consumers can post messages about identifying fake goods or fake merchants. Previously, customers of trading platforms could report counterfeits found in Taobao online stores.

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