All participants in the UPR in 2020 will receive protective equipment – Ministry of Education



All participants in the UPR in 2020 will receive protective equipment - Ministry of Education

An independent external evaluation in 2020 will take place with respect for social distance and use of personal protective equipment.

The Ministry of Education and Science has published relevant information on its information resource on changes in education during quarantine, reports the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science.

“In an epidemic, performing the UPE is much safer than the university entrance exams. Most participants pass the UPE at the place of residence, so they do not need to go to another city or region. And to pass the entrance exams, on the contrary, most candidates and their parents will have to travel several times to other cities, which will considerably increase the number of movements across the country. at the same time, entrance exams generally draw many more people to classrooms than during the UPR, “said the deputy minister. RA Education and Science Egor Stadny.

The dates of the UPR will depend on the completion of the quarantine. If the quarantine ends before the beginning of June, the main test session will take place between June 25 and July 17. If quarantine lasts until early August, WNV will take place from August 17 to September 4. The drive to enter Ukrainian universities will also change accordingly.

The format and procedure for conducting the UPR in 2020 will not change. According to the rules, when passing the UPR in the public, there is a maximum of 15 participants and 2 instructors. Mandatory is a distance of 1.5 meters between participants of the public, which, of course, will be observed as part of the epidemic. A social distance will also be provided at the entrance to the room where the test will take place to avoid congestion.

The number of tests and their content will remain unchanged. Each participant can take a maximum of 4 tests, and the number of tasks based on the material studied in April-May of Grade 11 is negligible. Such a task can only be one for the entire test, therefore reprinting the circulation of test books due to such a small number of tasks is not practical. The ranking model of test results reduces the influence of external factors and UCCO will be able to fill statistically some gaps in the preparation of participants due to quarantine.

As part of the spread of coronavirus infection, all WNV participants and instructors will be provided with personal protective equipment and antiseptics. The rooms will be ventilated and disinfected.

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Participants who have been in contact with patients or who have been infected with the coronavirus themselves will be able to undergo an EPU during an additional session, when they recover or leave self-isolation. In the event that due to isolation or illness, they will be forced to miss an additional test session, they will be exempt from WNV for health reasons. This rule has already been applied for people with a number of diseases. For these categories of candidates, in the conditions of admission to universities, certain characteristics and forms of conducting the entrance exams are provided.

Information on all the changes in educational processes that occur as a result of quarantine, and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on a special information resource –

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