Almost all dairy products have risen in price in Ukraine



As reported in the press service of the Milk Producers Association, the most significant price increase concerns butter and cheese.

Dairy products
Dairy products. Stock Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “UNIAN“.

“Our price monitoring in the major retail chains has shown that milk prices have increased significantly.”

For example, the Association compared the prices of dairy products in March 2020 and in March 2019:

  1. milk with a fat content of 2.5% costs 28.45 UAH / kg, which is 4.7% more than a year ago;
  2. butter costs 225.39 UAH / kg, which is 8.7% more than a year ago;
  3. “Russian” hard cheese costs UAH 223.62 / kg, 8.6% more than a year ago;
  4. cottage cheese costs 137.8 UAH / kg, 7% more than a year ago;
  5. sour cream costs 72.02 UAH / kg, 7% more than a year ago;
  6. Drinking yogurt costs 61.64 UAH / kg, 0.9% more than a year ago.

Recall that we had previously reported that bread, flour and pasta would increase in Ukraine.

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