Alpha-Bank has updated the Cash-Clu Loyalty Program: What has changed for customers?


How the updated program is more profitable than other offers in the market, and what innovations will please users – read the article

In recent years, cashback has become the most popular reward option among customers of Ukrainian banks. Customers make cards at various banks, operating daily, in an attempt to earn extra money. But in fact, you can limit yourself to only one bank.

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Edition Payspace magazine Find out what the update reward program is Kaishu Klub From Alpha bank Is more profitable than other offers on the market, and whether the innovation will please users.

Beginner to master: more positions, more categories

From May 1, 2020, Alpha-Bank updated the Cash-Clue Reward Program, offering customers even more offers and benefits that help them earn more cash back. What has changed – let us note first.

1. New categories of increased cashbackWhich the participant selects at the beginning of each month. If previously smaller categories were presented as independent, now Alpha-Bank has merged them into larger ones. So, the category “the product” Still included “Vinomarkety” And “sweet”. “Pharmacy” And “Institute of Medicine” Merged into a larger category “Health”. And in the category “Everything for home” Now shopping involves building hypermarkets, furniture stores, decorations etc.

The complete list of advanced categories was revised and compiled keeping in mind the most prominent preferences of customers, including the following categories: “gas stations”, “cafes and restaurants”, “technology”, “beauty” , “Sports and fitness”, etc.

like this, Choosing a main large category, the contestant will have access to all the smaller ones involved.

2. new position. Now there are not 4 of them, as it was before, but 10. Each position has its own name, allowing the customer to feel like a new level of hero: “Novice”, “User”, “Advanced. “Expert”, “Guru” – collect bonuses, get even more benefits at a new level. As the range of conditions expands, transitions from one position to another are now faster.

how does it work? From the moment of joining the program, the customer deposits a cashback. The higher the accumulated amount, the more classes that the user will be able to select with cashback. In “Beginner”, 2 categories of 3 are available for selection, and in the top position of “Guru” – as 7 categories out of 10.


Number of bonuses

Available categories



2 out of 3

the user

30.01 – 100

2 out of 4


100.01 – 250

3 out of 5


250.01 – 500

3 out of 6

The fan

500.01 – 1000

7 to 7


1000.01 – 2000

4 out of 8

The captain

2000.01 – 3500

4 to 5


3500.01 – 5500

5 out of 10


5500.01 – 8000

6 out of 10


From 8000

7 out of 10

like thisPositions in loyalty programs Kaishu Klub They have become more diverse, it is very easy to move to a new level, meaning that the customer has opportunities to access more cashbacks with an increase in a wide variety of categories.

3. 0.5% cashback is for gadget payment only.

After the update, using Google Gadget, Apple Pay or Garmin Pay technologies only receive a basic cashback of 0.5% for contactless purchases paid with your gadget – smartphone or smart watch.

It should be noted that contactless payment technology has become an integral part of the life of bank customers. It provides the convenience, speed and security they need. In 2019, the number of NFC payments in Ukraine increased eightfold. Ukraine entered the top 10 countries in Europe in terms of the number of payments using wearable devices.

What remains unchanged?

  • Alpha-Bank still offers the most cashback on the market – up to 20% in higher categories and the largest number to choose from in these categories. In addition, they are selected individually for each participant.
  • You can deposit cashback in the Cash-Clue program without restrictions. It all depends on the activity of bank card usage. You can refund the money accumulated in the card in the amount of 5000 UAH (including taxes) per month. If the amount of accumulated points is high, the balance can be returned to the account in the next calendar month or exchanged for a chance to win a prize.
  • The program “lives” in a mobile bank Alpha-mobile ukraineTherefore, cashback management is always at hand.

Promotions & Gifts

Alpha-Bank regularly offers club members to receive more cashback for promotional offers from partners, for example, in May: MEGOGO, ALLO, YAKABOO, LIKI 24, Glusco Filling Station, etc. .

Accumulated bonuses can be used to participate in giveaways, including: smart gadgets, equipment for home and entertainment, and others. For example, in May a contestant may win an “Apple” tablet, Orbitrac, game console, coffee machine, etc.

Both sections, “Promotions” and “Gifts”, are now displayed on the main screen of the program.

like thisLeaving the main benefits of the cash-clu reward program unchanged, Alpha-Bank added new features, which allow the program to maintain a leadership position in the ranking of the best cashback programs in Ukraine.

How to get cash-clue?

All you need to do is create an alpha-bank card on your smartphone and set up an alpha-mobile Ukrainian mobile bank. The connection will be automatically passed after card activation.

Next, you need to pay with the card and get your cashback: 0.5% – if you use your gadget for payment and up to 20% in selected advanced categories (whether you pay with card or gadget ).

You can learn more about the program on it Website

Install alpha mobile ukraine


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