Already start laughing at the wretched Fuhrer Poutine – El Murid



The famous Russian military expert and blogger El Murid has once again drawn the attention of citizens to the strange behavior of President Putin.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Putin relieves himself.
In Russia, Putin is increasingly ridiculed in self-isolation. Photo:

The head of the Kremlin, in fact, has given up ruling the country in the face of an imminent threat of the epidemic and the processes of decomposition of the Russian economy linked to it.

According to Murid, the epidemic revealed an abscess in the circles of senior management of the Russian Federation and showed a number of its striking characteristics.

The first and most obvious, according to the expert, is that the Russian supreme commander turned out to be an ordinary coward. Putin had previously “jumped into the bushes” with the appearance of uncertain and incomprehensible circumstances, but this was explained in one way or another by his mentality.

The behavior of the head of the Kremlin under present conditions is not only suitable for explanation, but also for understanding.

The hanging of the President of the Russian Federation in the bunker has already become a parable in tongues. According to El Murid, Putin started his reign with a catwalk and ends up underground.

An extremely unpleasant surprise for Putin has already been reported.

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