Already this week, the government will slightly relax quarantine measures in Ukraine



According to Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, Ukraine is still waiting for the peak incidence of coronaviruses, but that will not prevent a little regulation of quarantine.

Denis Shmygal
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Denis Shmygal spoke about it in an interview “RBC-Ukraine “writes “MFN”.

The official said the government had recently received calculations from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, according to which the COVID-19 spike in Ukraine would occur twice:

“Approximately, the first peak will arrive in late April. The second is between May 3 and May 8. “

But such forecasts will not prevent the Cabinet of Ministers from weakening quarantine measures slightly, added Shmygal. According to him, already this week, he will say how quarantine in Ukraine will change:

“99% sure we’re going to extend the quarantine. On April 24, it won’t end … But we plan to soften it a bit in 2-3 areas. It will happen this week.”

Recall that we had previously reported on the situation of the coronavirus in Ukraine and in the world.

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