also comes the “economic” option


Debut in the second half of 2020 at least three Samsung smartphones with foldable displaysAmong future projects, according to the latest rumors, there will also be one “Economical” version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first generation of which was a little successful due to the high price (about 2 thousand euros in Italy) and display problems, which forced Samsung to postpone the launch several times.

The new economic version of Samsung Galaxy Fold should introduce the price is about 1000-1200 eurosThis is significantly less than the first Fold and later Galaxy Z Flip, a smartphone with a folding case and a folding display, presented in February last year.

At the moment, it’s good to clarify until there is accurate information about the new cheap Samsung Galaxy Fold. Smartphone can accept lower characteristics compared to the current top of the range in order to reduce costs and thus guarantee a lower list price.

Samsung must, in any case, introduce Galaxy Fold Range Top and can also run one 5G option Galaxy Z Flip over the next few months. Follow us for all updates related to the new Samsung smartphones.


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