Amazon buys self-driving car startup


Amazon will be able to create self-taxi service or use self-driving cars to deliver goods.


Amazon’s e-commerce giant expanded its presence in the automotive sector by announcing the acquisition of a California-based ZoX startup for self-driving cars. The estimated cost of the startup is more than $ 1 billion, reports Reuters. Last year, Amazon invested $ 530 million in startup Aurora Innovation, which also specializes in self-driving cars.

According to media reports, Amazon will team up with Zox to build a fleet of robotic taxis, thus competing with Waymo, which is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet. Amazon can also use unmanned vehicles to deliver goods.

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Elon Musk, who is often criticized for his Twitter posts, has recently heated up the discussion again. In a post, the founders of Tesla and SpaceX called e-commerce giant Amazon “a monopoly” and called for destroying the brainchild of Jeff Bezos.

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