Amazon launches anti-counterfeiting department


Having a dedicated department will make it easier for companies to file civil suits.

Amazon started an anti-counterfeiting department on the site. Photo: Fashion Network

Amazon’s largest online retailer has announced the introduction of a new anti-counterfeiting unit on its sites.

as reported The ledgeThe new team consists of “former federal prosecutors, experienced investigators and data analysts” ready to launch an “active attack” against counterfeiters, and not just fake blocks appearing on websites.

According to Amazon, having a dedicated department will make it easier for companies to file civil suits. The new division will help brands with their investigations and collaborate with law enforcement in the fight against fraud.

The Verge makes it clear that counterfeit goods are a major problem for an online retailer, especially due to third-party vendors who are trying to deliver counterfeit to customers in origin. Nike recently stopped selling its products through Amazon, citing the reasons for the market presence of unsold vendors and fraudsters. At the same time, Amazon’s own products are also not immune to the presence of counterfeits on the site.

According to the publication, in 2019 the company spent more than $ 500 million to combat fraud, abuse and counterfeit products. In detecting cases of fraud, 8 thousand employees were employed. It is also reported that in 2019, the e-commerce giant blocked 2.5 million suspicious accounts with poor reputation on the sites.

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In 2020, Trump administration included Five foreign sites Amazon’s online giants in a list of fake selling sites. Amazon Internet sites in Canada, Britain, Germany, France and India have been blacklisted. This is not the first time that the company’s websites have been accused of counterfeit trade – in 2018, they wanted to blacklist the site of the US Trade Representation.

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