Amazon Prime Day 2020 threatened by Coronavirus


also Amazon preparing to postpone the event due to a health emergency related to the coronavirus pandemic, which has now reached almost all over the world. According to the latest rumors, in fact, the American company is considering set aside Prime Day 2020, An event that offers discounts and promotions of various types, which must be held during the next month of July.

At the moment, Amazon has not confirmed these misunderstandings, but the hypothesis of canceling Prime Day 2020 with the possibility of organizing a similar event in the coming months seems really concrete. As already happened in the past, Prime Day will lead to a rapid increase in orders from users and, therefore, increase risks for Amazon personnel, in particular in warehouses and various logistics centers, which will be called a huge additional work.

For this reason Premier Day 2020 in July will be at high riskAmazon is likely to wait a few weeks to understand how the situation will develop in various international markets before making a final decision. Of course, there are already several alternative plans for the July event.

More details about Amazon’s premiere day are expected in the next few weeks. Follow us to find out more.


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