Amazon shares hit record highs


E-commerce – one of the sectors of the economy that has increased profits during the period of Coronacris

Amazon’s share price reached a record high. Photo:

According to the auction results on June 6, for the first time in history, American online retailer Amazon had a share price of over $ 3 thousand.

At the end of business, the shares were sold at $ 3,057. They rose 5.77% during the day. The value of the shares reached $ 3059 during the bidding. Since the beginning of the year, the price of the company’s securities has risen by about 60%.

The company’s market capitalization rose to $ 1.525 trillion. In terms of this indicator, it ranks third among all public companies after Apple ($ 1.64 trillion) and Microsoft ($ 1.61 trillion).

Earlier, Wall Street analysts predicted Amazon stock prices to rise to $ 3 thousand. The increase in value is due to Amazon’s increasing demand for e-commerce and cloud computing services.

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It was previously reported that the Amazon brand was valued at $ 415.9 billion. At the same time, the total value of the world’s major brands rose 5.9% despite the economic and social consequences of COVID-19, and reached $ 5 trillion, which is equivalent to Japan’s annual GDP. The figure has increased by 245% since 2006.

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