Americans are threatened by hunger: unemployment and long queues have provoked a violent reaction from the population



Many US residents have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. The burden on charities has increased considerably. The need for food for the poor has increased by 70%.

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It is reported by “MFN”, with reference to Commercial insider.

We know that about 95% of the food banks of the famous non-profit network Feeding America have suffered from this problem. If quarantine is extended, the food supply for charities can run out and hunger may simply wait for people. In addition, many charity workers are afraid to work in the conditions of the coronavirus crisis, which results in staff shortages.

San Antonio food bank chief Eric Cooper said he had never seen such large grocery lines before. In the past week, around 10,000 citizens have asked for food aid. He noted that the number of people needing help has doubled, resulting in queues. He notes that he cannot guarantee that the food is sufficient for everyone.

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