among the exclusive specifications is also a 108 megapixel sensor


Rumors of new ones continue Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is an Samsung Galaxy Note 20+the new top of the range, which the Korean company will officially unveil on the occasion of the event, due to take place next month in August. The latest updates in the projects concern the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ and, in particular, its photographic sector.

According to today’s rumors, in fact, Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ it will be the only smartphone in the Note 20 line that can count on 108 megapixel sensor. At the moment, there is no exact information about this sensor, which could be the development of the 108-megapixel sensor installed by the Galaxy S20 Ultra. In fact, the new Note 20+ can guarantee a new step in photographic performance.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra convinced, but was not surprised (probably also due to the still immature sensor and not ideal software). The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ can have all the powers to make the most of the work done with the S20 Ultra and maximize the quality of the photographic sector.

Finally, remember that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20+, according to the latest rumors, should be well presented. 16 GB RAM and he must enter the market with a new SoC Exynos 992.


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