An employee of the Russian special services wanted to poison the mayor of Prague and the district chief, who were the initiators of the overthrow of the monument to the Soviet army



Today, the mayor of Prague, Zdenek Grzyba, and the head of the Prague-6 district, Ondřej Kolarzha, are under 24-hour police protection.

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On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Gromadske“.

Thus, according to the Czech media, in early April, an employee of the Russian special services arrived in Prague, who brought poison with him. He wanted to poison Grzhib and Kolarzh with them.

It should be noted that an employee of the Russian special services arrived in Prague with a diplomatic passport. He was greeted by a car from a Russian diplomatic institution and drove a man who arrived at the embassy.

In an interview with Echo of Moscow, the mayor of Prague noted that he could not disclose information about how the police learned of the imminent assassination attempt against him:

“All I can tell you is that they knew I intended to poison myself during Catholic Easter.”

Grzhiba also noted that he could not be 100% sure that the Russian special services were involved in the assassination attempt. He only noted that his house was under police protection and that he was brought to a robot by car.

The mayor of Prague also does not know whether the attempt must be linked to the fact that he supported the overthrow of the monument to Soviet officer Ivan Konev:

“I am the mayor of Prague and I cannot interfere with the decision of the districts. A monument is the property of one of the districts. I fully understand that in other countries, the system of government is built differently … But I adhere to our constitution. “

Let us add that the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev was dismantled in Prague in early April. It will be transferred to the Museum of the 20th century. After the dismantling of the monument in the Czech Republic, the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation opened criminal proceedings.

Recall that we wrote earlier that in the Czech Republic, an unknown killed 6 people.

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