An extraordinary way to charge the smartphone is designed: only Wi-Fi is required


A router can become a new type of charger, not just phones

An extraordinary way to charge the smartphone is designed: only Wi-Fi is required

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a method to collect radio emission energy, which can be used to charge batteries.

The role of such a “generator” is able to perform a normal Wi-Fi router, the gadget will no longer need a cable to “feed” – this is enough to remain in the coverage area of ​​the wireless network.

The technology is based on the use of T-rays, which come from almost all objects that have a temperature, including the human body. After analyzing the nature of radiation, scientists came to the conclusion that it could be used as an alternative energy source. All that is required to recharge various gadgets is a special hub that can “collect” these waves with their subsequent change in electric current.

Now physicists are developing a prototype that can operate outside the laboratory. In the future, according to the creators of the new technology, devices based on this will be able to complement solar panels and other “green” energy sources.

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Recall information that helps determine the user’s gender, religion, and relationship status is collected by many applications on Google Play without informing the user.

To be precise, more than four thousand applications are involved in such activities. This allows developers and advertisers to create detailed user profiles. This has been said in a joint study of Dutch, Swiss and Italian scientists.

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