An insider spoke of the thaw in the relationship of princes Harry and William: “They are back”



Princes William and Harry

For several years, rumors have been circulating in the press concerning problems in the relations between Princes William and Harry. The coldness between the Duke of Cambridge, 37, and the Duke of Sussex, 35, appeared in 2017, when Harry had just started dating Meghan Markle. The situation was made worse by the couple’s refusal of royal duties and their move to Los Angeles – rumor said the brothers hadn’t parted on a good note.

The other day, someone close to the royal family told Entertainment Tonight that in the past few months, Harry and William’s relationship has improved a lot. Their illness was joined by their father, Prince Charles, 71, who was diagnosed with coronavirus in March. While Charles was fighting the disease, his sons were in constant contact by phone.

Princes William and Harry

Obviously, the brothers had big problems, but now the situation has improved significantly. I know Harry and William are constantly on the phone. They also called by videoconference for children’s birthdays. Prince Charles is fine now, but it was this situation that made the brothers resume communication,

– Royal expert Katie Nicholl said in the publication.

Nicholl said that Princes Harry and William began to reestablish their relationships in February. At that time, the Duke of Sussex began to desire his house and his family. Cathy said this was the best time to restore family ties between the brothers. She also added that tensions between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have recently eased:

The drama is a thing of the past. Sussex can now safely continue the new free life, and Cambridges can return to its old life in the palace without all the omissions and claims that were previously hidden. I think William and Kate are even missing from Harry and Megan. First, of course, according to Harry, because it is part of their life.

Katie Nicholl added that Harry is in constant contact with his 94-year-old grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Recently, they called by video link at least twice – on the birthday of the Queen and baby Archie.

Recall that earlier in the press there were reports that it was very difficult to move Harry from the United Kingdom to the United States. The Duke not only misses his family, friends and colleagues, but also suffers from the torments of awareness that he cannot be in his homeland during the difficult period of the coronavirus pandemic.

Princes William and Harry, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

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