An interactive online hospital supply map launched in Ukraine


Ukrainians willing to help hospitals and doctors receive a new service to assess the availability of medical facilities

In Ukraine, launched an online online map of supply of hospitals: where it is better not to get sick

The YouControl Analytical Online System, together with the Office of the President, launched an interactive map of the security of Ukrainian territories and individual hospitals with everything needed to fight against coronovirus infection.

The service is based on reports from all hospitals in Ukraine about the availability of protective equipment, medical equipment and staff. Using the map, you can find out the current state of the medical institution and estimate the needs of a particular hospital.

Map equipment (personal protective equipment, tests, mechanical ventilation), number of doctors (their qualifications, age and / or number of staff working with patients with COVID-19) and number of locations (occupied and vacant) Also shows the residuals, needs and forecasts of the provision of hospitals. , Contagious, resuscitation, etc.).

The service independently analyzes the data array and estimates the supply of resources according to the protocol of the Ministry of Health. The map provides an opportunity to assess how areas are prepared for an epidemic, which hospitals need help, and which. This information will be useful to officials, mayors, governors, as well as volunteer and business communities, who are now helping procure necessary medical supplies.

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Recall that Ukrainian health monitoring service Doctor Online, together with mobile operator Kyivstar, launched its own chat bot in Viber Messenger. With its help, any user can order and pay for the purchase of drugs, download applications for online consultation with qualified doctors, and free express tests to get into the risk zone of infection with COVID-19 Can also pass.

Given that Viber is installed on 96% of smartphones, millions of Ukrainians have the opportunity to get free access to quality medical care directly in their gadgets, without leaving home.

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