Andrei Sadovoy calls on government to ease quarantine in Lviv region



The mayor of Lviv, as well as the head of the Lviv regional state administration, Maxim Kozitsky, appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers to ask for some release from quarantine in the region.

Andrey Sadovoy
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About this writes “MFN”, referring to Facebook Andrei Sadovoy.

As you know, the Lviv region is still in the first stage of the weakening of quarantine, because here the number of cases is increasing rapidly:

“This weekend, we had meetings with Prime Minister Denis Shmygal. “Me and Maxim Kozitsky convinced the chief of cabinet to authorize the regional commission of the energy and energy complex and emergency to allow a certain weakening of the quarantine.”

In particular, notes the mayor of Lviv, they wish to resume the work of the city’s gymnasiums. Another sensitive subject is the question of public transport. Sadovoy asks to resume communication on intra-regional transport:

“According to my data, almost 150,000 inhabitants go to Lviv every day to work. And since there is no public transport, people are forced in different ways to enter the city. These methods are often illegal and dangerous. “

Sadovaya hopes that his request will be heard in Kiev and tomorrow, June 9, they will allow what they ask in Lviv.

We will recall, earlier, we reported that in the Lviv region, there will be no reduction in quarantine.



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