Android auto: let’s take a look at the news suggested by the Google system


It’s been a few days since the Mountain View giant released a decisive update Android AutoAn update that should relate to the new package that was offered after the lockdown period due to the coronavirus emergency.

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Via Google Play Music, replaced by YouTube Music in Google Maps

Last update which came in chronological order, offers users a number of very interesting innovations, especially regarding applications. Those with the Green Robot operating system can finally enjoy YouTube music directly from the Google Maps app.

A novelty that makes a big difference as anyone driving can avoid being distracted by the various aspects of navigating the menu, making travel safer and significantly reducing the risk of driving. Shortly speaking, YouTube Music Replaces Google Play MusicThe app was especially discussed and criticized, especially due to the fact that it was characterized by various bugs, but also many flaws.

Package after blocking

new update for Android Autohence, in reality, it should be included in a package of four updates that were released after the closure of events and the first important measures taken to address the health emergency in the spring.

Currently, this new update can be seen in one deployment phase, What does this mean? Nothing complicated, considering that this is actually good news: in a nutshell, all users of the service will be able to download the update, soon, completely free.

However, the news did not stop some criticism from the Internet: there are several motorists who actually complained after installing this update. It seems, according to what has been reported in various criticisms, that the inclusion of YouTube Music on Google Maps could lead to some and often conflicts with third-party applicationsJust think of Deezer, not TuneIN or Spotify. Conflicts that actually make it impossible to use the applications just mentioned. It is clear that this is an important problem that Android will have to provide a valid and effective answer to in a short time. If this were the case, it would be a mistake that must be resolved as quickly as possible, otherwise the criticism will expand more and more.


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