Anna Netrebko dismantles the quarantine wardrobe and tells how to wear hats: “You have to have courage”



Anna Netrebko

Anna Netrebko, 48, continues to tell subscribers how she spends time isolating herself during the coronavirus pandemic. In her spare time, the opera diva not only experiments with cooking recipes, but also analyzes the wardrobe. So the other day, Netrebko decided to clean the closet and distinguish a large collection of his hats – his favorite accessory.

It happened to hats! It’s time to put things in order and sign them – otherwise I can’t remember the sho and the hde? (below, the author’s spelling and punctuation are kept, – N.D.E.).

Anna sorted the hats by brand and color, prepared special pieces of paper with hat patterns, which they then glued to the boxes – so that the opera singer can, without looking in the box, know exactly what type of hat is stored.

Seeing the subscribers’ interest in this subject, Netrebko later published several other articles in which she collected her archive photographs in hats of different colors and styles, and shared the main advice for those who want to wear this hairstyle:

An article on hats and how to wear them … Very simple – you have to have courage.

Yusif Aivazov and Anna Netrebko

In the comments, supporters noted that Anna Netrebko had this accessory in her face and also bombarded her with many compliments:

Beauties on all the photos, the hats suit you very well! You and the hats are both very beautiful, my God, how everything is selected organically and thus emphasizes your beauty and your personality, in all of you, darling, the outfits are good!

Remember that Anna Netrebko said earlier that they, along with her husband Yusif Aivazov and her son Tiago, are engaged in self-isolation. So, recently, they organized a Mexican dinner with tacos and tequila, which was described in detail on Instagram.

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