Anna Netrebko summarized the personal results of three months of quarantine: “There have been more depressive days than in recent years”



Anna Netrebko

The world is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, announced by the World Health Organization in March. Several governments have relaxed strict quarantine measures. A few days ago, the 48-year-old opera singer Anna Netrebko announced on Instagram the resumption of her performances, posting a summer calendar of concerts on social networks, and today summarized the three months of isolation that have been experienced. The results of three months of quarantine – I finally rested, fell in love with music again – I even learned three new games! I put it in perfect condition in the apartment. She decorated the terrace, created two lamps, painted a coffin, drew a drawing, prepared more than a hundred dishes. Kilograms gained – one. Visited many beautiful places in Austria. I haven’t read a single book. I haven’t watched smart movies. There are more than 30 performances and lost performances, there have been more depressive days than in recent years. There was a complete romance in the family and not a single quarrel! Enough, huh? Sit at home! (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. – approx. ed.), – said Anna.

Anna Netrebko

During his forties, Netrebko tried not to lose heart and to share joyful stories about his family’s life on the social network. With her 43-year-old husband, Yusif Eyvazov, and her 11-year-old son, Thiago, she prepared homemade dishes, walked in the countryside and engaged in household chores.

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