Another country overcame coronavirus



In New Zealand, for some time now, new cases of coronavirus have not been detected, the authorities of the country have therefore decided to completely quarantine and restore the normal life of citizens without restrictions.

New Zealand
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On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Ukrainian truth“.

Since Tuesday June 9, New Zealand has been completely quarantined. As the New Zealand government noted, the country was able to completely eradicate COVID-19:

“We are entering a new stage. From June 9, all events in the country can take place without any restrictions. The whole company will operate as usual. Public transport is fully resuming. “

At the same time, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden noted that the borders of New Zealand will still be closed.

Note that during the whole time in New Zealand, COVID-19 fell ill 1,504 people. Of this number, 22 people have died.

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