Another extraordinary parliamentary meeting could take place next week – Gerus




The popular deputy of the faction “Servant of the people” noted that the law on the banks, as well as the reduction of the budget of the state 2020 should be examined during the meeting.

Andrey Gerus
Andrey Gerus. Photo –

Andrei Gerus declared on the channel “112 Ukraine”, writes “MFN”.

“I think that on April 6 or 7, we will have another extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. There should already be warming and we can meet in another location, not in the conference room. But there are regulations … If we omit them, we will again face criticism from the opposition. Therefore, the speaker does everything so that he does not complain … So, most likely, we will meet at the Rada. Although I am ready to come anywhere. “

Gerus noted that at the meeting they will examine the so-called “anti-Colomian” law at second reading and will re-examine the changes to the state budget of Ukraine, as the provision of IMF financial assistance depends on it .

Recall that we wrote earlier that on March 30 an extraordinary meeting of parliament had taken place.

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