Another taxi service in Ukraine allowed drivers non-cash tips


A new feature in the Bolt app allows passengers to tip drivers at the end of the journey



The Bolt application, which allows you to make taxi calls from your smartphone, has the opportunity to leave electronic tips for drivers. To use this feature, you will need to update the Bolt application to the latest version. The passenger will then be able to leave a tip after rating the driver. In the application, the traveler will be able to choose any of the proposed tip options or enter any amount independently. The option will be available within 15 minutes of the trip ending. The company said that this function would be implemented within a month for Bolt customers, who use devices based on Android and iOS.

“We are beginning a new ceremony so that passengers can express their gratitude to the drivers and support them during this difficult time,” said Taras Potichi, Bolt’s regional manager in Ukraine.

Earlier, the option of cashless tips was introduced by other taxi services in Ukraine, in particular, Uber and Uklon. The process looks similar: At the end of the journey, the passenger can select the tip amount in the application after the driver has given the rating to the driver.

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Estonian startup Bolt is a unicorn (with an estimated price of over 1 billion dollars) and is on the list of the most funded startups in Europe. It was reported in a study by CB Insights.

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