Another Ukrainian market launched a secure payment service


From April 2020, customers can pay for goods with a credit card directly in the market using promo payments

Previously, all transactions took place without direct market participation between buyer and seller. Now, subject to the use of the prom-payment service, the seller will receive the money only if the buyer chooses the goods by mail. In this case, the latter will not need to pay more for cash on delivery.

Prom-payment increases confidence in transactions for both buyers and sellers. The buyer cannot worry about the payment, as the seller will receive it only after the goods arrive. And the seller can send the order safely, without worrying that it won’t be picked up at the post office, because the buyer has already paid for it.

Ivan Portno
CEO of Markets

If the goods do not fit, you can agree on a refund with the seller, and the money will be returned to the buyer’s card. The seller receives payment 24 hours after the buyer chooses the package. This allows you to manage potential conflicts between seller and buyer.

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Recall that in 2017 OLX launched Secure Transaction Service for secure cashless payment (now called OLX delivery). The solution is designed to protect both buyers from unscrupulous sellers, who often require advance payment on the card, and then disappear, as well as sellers of scammers working on the Internet.

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