anti-Coronavirus application is available for download


Today The Ministry of Health has released a new Immuni app, a mobile application that aims to prevent new outbreaks of coronavirus in our country over the next few months. Currently, the application can be downloaded from the Google Play store from all smartphones with Android 6.0 or later.

In addition, the Immuni app will also be available for download in the Apple App Store soon. The application is not yet available at Cupertino’s home store, as its publication has not yet been approved. In any case, in a few hours the application will be available for download to iPhone users. Recall that the application it does not track user movements (since he cannot access location data) but take advantage Bluetooth control contacts with other users who have installed and activated the application.

Using Immuni is completely optional. but the application will be effective only if the population is in great demand. After a long period of testing, the application is now available for download and ready to use, despite the fact that the number of infections has been sharply reduced in recent weeks. Here are the links to download Immuni to your smartphone:


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