Apple has released an indispensable gadget for doctors


Apple to help doctors deal with coronavirus epidemic

The fight against COVID-19: Apple has released an indispensable gadget for doctors

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the company is developing face masks and which can be used by healthcare providers in the context of the coronovirus epidemic in the United States.

The initial batch of flaps has already been delivered to the Kaiser Permanente Hospital campus in Silicon Valley. According to Tim Cook, the response from the doctors of this hospital was positive.

“We work closely with medical professionals and authorities across the United States to deliver these products where they are urgently needed,” he said.

Apple plans to send 1 million shields to doctors by the end of the week and then supply 1 million shields each week. First, delivery will only be in the USA, then, as Apple hopes, and outside the country. In addition, the head of the company said that they doubled the number of medical masks donated to health workers in the United States from 10 million to 20 million pieces.

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Recall, American tech giant Apple will launch the App Store in 20 new countries in 2020.

While there is no precise information as to when support for new regions will be available, however, Apple has already asked application developers to accept updated licensing agreements to make their products available in new markets. The App Store is currently available in 155 countries and regions of the world.

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