Apple ignores the crisis in the smartphone market and seeks to release more than 200 million iPhone


Although the smartphone market is preparing to enter a period of deep crisis, according to the latest rumors, sales are falling in all major markets. Apple will set a very ambitious goal to produce its iPhone over the next 12 months.

among April 2020 and March 2021, in fact, Apple is committed to producing a total of 213 million iPhones with + 4% growth compared to production data for the previous 12 months. in fact, the Cupertino home sets very ambitious sales goals and provides a very high level of production, especially considering what will become a reality in the international smartphone market with the economic crisis on the verge of an emergency with the coronavirus.

The first reports confirm that more than half of the iPhone that Apple plans to release will be new to the line for 2020, starting with new iPhone SE 2020 submitted last week. An important contribution to the production will also be made by the new iPhone 5G entering the market by the end of 2020, which is several weeks behind the traditional deadlines.

Finally, recall that the new iPhone SE 2020 was available for pre-order directly on Amazon for several days, starting from 499 euros.


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