Apple revealed Ukrainians movement data


Ukrainians reduced chances of running twice

Apple revealed data on movement of Ukrainians during quarantine

Apple has announced that Apple Maps will provide data to government officials in 63 countries to analyze how users navigate during the coronavirus epidemic. Information about the users of Ukraine has also become available.

Starting in mid-March, Ukrainians began to walk 49% less, and travel by cars and public transport – 35% less frequently. By the end of March this shortfall had reached a minimum, but now again activity has increased. In Italy, at the same time, movements decreased by 85%.

The Apple Map can determine how many people use cars, travel by public transport, or walk. Thus, they say that at the company, they will help governments and healthcare workers implement new quarantine rules to modify traffic according to the requirements of coronavirus.

This data will come from route requests. Users’ faces remain oblivious. The company says that they will continue to protect the privacy of their users.

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Recall, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company was developing a face mask and could be used by healthcare providers in the United States in the context of the coronavirus epidemic.

The initial batch of flaps has already been delivered to the Kaiser Permanente Hospital campus in Silicon Valley. According to Tim Cook, the response from the doctors of this hospital was positive.

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