Apple will drop Intel processor


Following the unveiling of Apple’s plans, shares of the Intel processor manufacturer declined 2.2%


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The US company Apple intended to launch Macintosh computers with a proprietary processor in the market in 2021, Bloomberg reported, citing sources familiar with the situation.

It is reported that the company is currently working on making three processors for the Macintosh. These have been developed single-chip systems based on A14 processors. This device will be used in the line of iPhone 12, which Apple is going to introduce in 2020. According to sources, the new processors will run much faster than those installed on the current iPhone and iPad.

Apple hopes to release at least one Mac with its chip next year. The new development, code-named Kalamata, should replace the Intel Corp. processor. The release of the new chips will take place in Taiwanese company Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which is already engaged in the production of processors for the iPhone and iPad. The processor will be built using 5 nm technology, with Apple planning to use the same size chips in new models of smartphones and tablets.

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to use its own chips to control the performance of its devices and to strengthen its differentiation from competitors. In addition, the use of a single device across Macs, iPhones and iPads can make it easier for the company to integrate applications into a single ecosystem and arrange for more frequent updates to computers.

According to Wedbush Securities chief technology strategist Brad Gastivert, this news will have long-term negative consequences for Intel. Notably, already this Thursday, the chipmaker’s shares fell 2.2%.

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