Appointment of Saakashvili as Deputy Prime Minister – sentencing to Shmygal, the result will be bitter conflict in the government: Romanenko



The appointment of Mikheil Saakashvili to the post of Deputy Prime Minister will serve as a prologue to the resignation of Prime Minister Denis Shmygal.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Candidate for the post of Deputy Prime Minister Mikheil Saakashvili.
Saakashvili’s appointment as deputy prime minister is a prologue to Shmigal’s resignation. Photo:

According to one of the founders of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future and editor-in-chief of the publication Khvil Yuri Romanenko, this could happen during the summer.

“Obviously, Saakashvili is led to the first. Zelensky wants to get rid of the influence of the oligarchs. And since Zelensky really wants to get an IMF loan, but doesn’t know how to calm Kolomoisky, we need a bull terrier “ He explains.

As a result, according to Romanenko, such a decision by Zelensky will lead to a fierce conflict in government.

“Well, as in the summer of 1917 between the Bolsheviks and the provisional government. Kolomoisky, Avakov and others will respond. Saakashvili will tremble, but he has no systematic and systemic force. He has no new Bendukidze. The masses will go mad over srach and starvation. Fall 2020 will be memorable along the way “, – summed up the political expert.

Earlier, it was reported that Saakashvili is a very toxic character.

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