News commenced home delivery of medicines in association with Ukrposhta


Delivery is available to all locations in the country.

Under quarantine, the share of home delivery orders from pharmacies, supermarkets and restaurants has almost entirely replaced the portion of offline purchases. The distribution of goods allows residents of the capital and cities with relative comfort to live in conditions of self-isolation with a population of over one million.

But there are thousands of cities and villages with no courier service and large supermarkets with their own delivery service. Online pharmacy «» He was looked after and, together with Ukrposhta, began the delivery of drugs to 100% of the inhabitants of Ukraine’s settlements.

Yuri Goncharov
Project manager

The site is at COVID-19 control page With answers to frequently asked questions, facts about coronovirus and tips on how to prevent infection.

By the end of the quarantine, will order small towns and villages to house for free through Ukroppsta.

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The service has been in operation for more than 10 years, has its own network of pharmacies and over 1000 partner pharmacies, placing free orders. On the pharmacy’s website, more than 12,000 different products are available, including affordable analogs of popular anti-ARVI drugs and rare medicines for critically ill patients.


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