Are you hoping to arrive in July?


Google pixel 4a the undisputed protagonist of the “yellow” beginning of summer: when will it be launched? Are rumors about the complete cancellation of the project true? Will we see this in summer or late fall? In recent weeks, rumors have been circulating about the economic version of the latest assortment. Mountain View they desperately pursued each other. To date, the scenario, which many consider the most likely, indicates a presentation scheduled for July, and arrival on the market is expected only in late summer or early October.

In short, there will still be a wait, even if today’s news can make us think about acceleration: Google pixel 4a received certification Fcca detail that will indicate the actual arrival of the smartphone.

The U.S. agency has entered a model number device into its database G025ja clear indication of exactly what Pixel 4a Since Pixel 4 is marked with the initials G020.

Meanwhile, the two French e-commerce companies that have listed Google pixel 4a (we talked about this in this article a few days ago) they deleted the product: in short, this time it also goes in the opposite direction to that indicated FCC Certification, Which, incidentally, confirms the inability to support Porject Soli (however, it is budgeted in view of the absence of a notch).


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