Armed forces liquidate reconnaissance platoon of activists near Debaltseve



The media reported details of the defeat of Ukrainian army units from activists in the Sanzharovka region near Debaltseve on the Svetlodar Arch.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Elimination of fighters near Debaltseve.
With powerful reprisal bombardments, the Armed Forces fighters liquidated the IAF reconnaissance platoon. Photo:

APU fighters opened fire on the mortar in response to the next provocative bombing of APU positions by Russian mercenaries.

Following the mortar attack, the enemy pirogue was eliminated, in which the militants’ reconnaissance platoon was found. The seven dead members of the Israeli Air Force are known, including Russian soldiers.

Former IAF unit commander Igor Girkin posted on his social media page a list of dead activists, including three section commanders.

  1. Com section Alexey Ponomarev;
    2. Com. Alexey Sklyarenko section;
    3. Com. Alexander Astakhov section;
    4. Private Evgeny Kukushkin;
    5. Private Sergei Tolkov;
    6. Private Roman Dovzhenko;
    7. Private Evgeny N (surname not yet known).

It should be noted that official ORDO sources are still silent on this information.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia is urgently transferring new tanks to the Donbass conflict zone.



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