Arsenal in Balakley detonated from the ground, not from a drone – report of the commission of inquiry



Arsenal in Balakley detonated from the ground, not from a drone - report of the commission of inquiry

The temporary special commission of the Verkhovna Rada charged with investigating the explosions in the ammunition depots of Balakliia prepared its first report, in which, in particular, the use of drones to undermine the arsenal was a big issue.

This was announced on Facebook by “Servant of the People” faction president David Arahamia.

“Our VSK for the investigation of the explosions in the ammunition depots prepared its first report. We started by looking for the facts on Balakliya, because it was the most powerful arsenal in Eastern Europe , and there we lost goods and ammunition for more than 12 billion hryvnia, “message.

He noted that the SBU still supported the version regarding the SBU attack on the Russian drone. However, according to Arahamia, two facts testify to this version.

Arsenal in Balakley detonated from the ground, not from a drone - report of the commission of inquiry

“The examination revealed that the cause of one of the first explosions with which it all started was the detonation of special charges which had been placed in the ground in advance. The explosion formed a huge funnel. time, after putting out the fire in the arsenal up to 10 similar funnels, which testifies to the identical nature of their exploitation, “wrote the deputy.

In addition, as he noted, there are investigative documents confirming that at the time of the explosion “there were no planes in the Balakli area, and information from Ukravіaruu about the flight of the drone are not checked and contradict common sense. “

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“Therefore, on January 17, VSK decided to appeal to the Office of the Attorney General for having transferred this matter for investigation to another investigating authority. In addition, a letter was sent to the president of the SBU indicating that VSK had established differences between the version of the group of experienced investigators and the real circumstances of the case, that is to say, in essence, on the falsification of documents of criminal procedure – noted Arahamia.

The chairman of the “Servant of the People” faction also said that the commission had initiated the appointment of a review by the Kharkov Scientific and Forensic Research Institute named after N. Bokarius.

“Its results showed that a” funnel in the area of ​​the first explosions formed due to the highly explosive action of a directed explosion of an explosive blasting charge submerged in the ground, which included trinitrotoluene ( trotyl), hexogen, tetranitropentaerythritol (TEN), which is typical of subversive explosive charges. principle of action, “he said.

He also noted that on May 1, according to law, VSK is expected to provide a full report.

“But given that during this time we managed to thoroughly investigate the explosions at only one of the 5 sites and partially started Kalinovka, we will insist on continuing the work of the VSK for 6 months,” added the people’s deputy.

Arahamia also announced an extended briefing on Monday April 27 on the subject.

As reported by Ukrinform, on March 23, 2017, in the town of Balakleya, in the Kharkov region, a fire broke out in the territory of the military arsenal of the Ministry of Defense, followed by a detonation of ammunition and explosive device expansion outside the arsenal.

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About 36,000 people have been evacuated from the affected area around artillery stores. Destroyed 392 buildings. The list of victims included 3,908 residents of the city. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has allocated 145 million UAH to eliminate the consequences of the explosions, an additional 10 million UAH from the reserve fund of the regional budget. To provide material assistance to the victims, 30 million UAH were allocated from the regional budget, 5 million from the district budget and 4.5 million UAH from the city budget.

The investigation then identified witnesses who saw how funds were dropped from an unmanned aerial vehicle, causing a detonation and explosion in the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense’s 65th Missile and Artillery Arsenal near Balakliya.

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