Artificial intelligence taught to predict the epicenter of an epidemic


Dataminar Reveals Increase Post-Burst COVID-19 Social Media Post

Artificial intelligence taught to predict the next epidemic epicenter

Dataminar Artificial Intelligence predicted where the next outbreak of coronavirus cases would occur in the UK and the US using social media analysis.

The increase in the number of eyewitnesses in the area and patients carrying information on social networks allowed the AI ​​algorithm to identify hot spots 7–15 days before the exponential growth of coronovirus infection. The program also predicted future outbreaks in 14 different states of the United States, one week after all AI calculations were corrected.

“Such positions are probably the main indicators of where the number of cases may increase in the future,” said Dataminar CEO Ted Bailey.

Thus, it became clear that the analysis of social networks for forecasting outbreaks could allow these areas to be better prepared for crises. But at the same time, any AI forecast should be taken with caution, as the calculation has predictive accuracy and is based on subjective statements by users of social networks.

Dataminar is a New York based company that provides global real-time information to the United Nations and has multinational corporations such as 3M and McDonald’s.

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Recall, the company Estimot adapted its products to develop a new device, developing Bluetooth-technology to determine location. It is specifically designed to contain the proliferation of COVID-19.

The company has created a new series of portable beacons that, according to co-founder Steve Cheney, can increase security at the workplace for those who need to be in the office.

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