Aryev called the idiots of the Ukrainian government: the patience of “European solidarity” ends



The deputy of the faction of European solidarity, Vladimir Aryev, openly insulted the Ukrainian authorities. In his social networks, he said that in Ukraine, we can observe an authoritarian idiocy of power.

Vladimir Aryev
Vladimir Aryev. Photo –

It is reported by “Censor.NO“, Reports” MFN “.

“Close, ban, very good!” There is a scoop in the minds of our current authorities. Its progressiveness and novelty are totally crossed out by scoop methods. And they also refer to Western standards! But, alas, now, unlike developed countries, we easily and naturally take the step of creating conditions. Good people are the last thing. In civilized countries, before the fines, they did everything to create conditions conducive to compliance with the law. Why can’t you use the playgrounds in Ukraine? What to do with ordinary people with children? At such a pace, you can wrap police bands and benches in parks so that no one is sitting on them. This can be called complete authoritarian idiocy, ”said Aryev.

Reminder, as previously indicated, Ukraine will collapse: the former commander of the “DPR” announced a new tactic from the Russian Federation.

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