Asset management application will appear in Ukraine


With this, Ukrainians will be able to invest in bonds and invest in investment funds automatically

A mobile asset management application will appear in Ukraine. Photo:

This fall, Ukraine will launch the Votan mobile application, which uses an automated service for asset management. Among the project’s investors are the managing partners of MEGOGO and Univer Investment Group, which agreed to buy a stake in Kiberg Systems and develop a business under the new brand.

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Wotan – A mobile application that uses automated service Robo Advisor 4.0 to help users with investments. The forecasting service model simulates over 1 million future development options and selects the most likely to take into account the current macroeconomic situation. This approach completely eliminates the human factor, meaning it saves time and reduces risk, the company noted.

Founder and President of IG “Univer”

Using the investment process Votan Auto Assistant This is how it happens:

  1. Registration, data verification and account opening.
  2. Formation of investment goals and deposits for each target.
  3. A test to determine a person’s risk tolerance. After that, the application creates a portfolio of assets recommended for an individual.
  4. Votan works by automatically buying and selling property. Maintains the position of the portfolio in the correct proportions between classes. Performs rebalancing in real time, if necessary.

According to Votan representatives, negotiations with Univer on the purchase of the company’s stock began in mid-March in 2020, and an agreement on joint business development was reached by the end of May. As Taras Kozak stated, the acquisition of a stake in Votan is part of a strategy that will allow the group to develop a direction towards “personal asset management”.

The beta version of Wotan is already available to Univer customers. A full launch of the application will take place on September 1, 2020.

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Earlier, it was reported that mobile operator Kivstar launched the Star.Docs mobile application for telecom management in collaboration with IT company Intecity Deals.

The new service will allow you to view, coordinate, correct and archive files, share them with partners, and verify using Kyivstar’s mobile ID electronic signature directly on your smartphone or tablet.

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