Astrologer called favorable quarantine period for Ukraine



Famous astrologer Vlad Ross appreciates the Ukrainian government’s decision to extend quarantine until May 11, as the location of the planets these days will help revise the quarantine regime.

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Astrology and quarantine.
The astrologer called the favorable period for the removal of quarantine in Ukraine. Photo:

And to cancel quarantine, according to the astrologer, it takes a few days before the new moon, which will be observed on May 22.

Ross warned that if the government canceled the quarantine later, then “Business in Ukraine will collapse and the dire consequences for the country’s economy will be too great.”

“May 20 will become a point of no return if people do not return to work and the country does not live fully, we will face the collapse of the financial and economic spheres of state life”, “he noted.

These are the days that will contribute to the review of the quarantine regime. The bottom line, according to Vlad Ross, is that the quarantine be lifted no later than the new moon.

“New prospects and favorable opportunities will open for the new moon. Therefore, we must already be ready for it and have a chance to take advantage of it all, ” he explained.

And vice versa, the astrologer considers that the period from May 1 to May 9 is the most unfavorable time to lift the quarantine restrictions.

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