Astrologer Vlad Ross appreciated Zelensky’s chances for a second presidential term: he can be physically eliminated



Vladimir Zelensky could be prevented from standing for the President of Ukraine, trying to liquidate him physically.

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Vladimir Zelensky and the second term.
Zelensky may not be able to run for a second term. Photo:

According to astrologer Vlad Ross, allusions to Zelensky for a second presidential term are a big political mistake.

“Instead of Zelensky’s political consultants, I would forbid him to speak on this subject. These conversations only hurt ” – said Ross.

Zelensky is impressed by his notes and they can inspire him to think about a second term. And the fact that he announced, during the electoral race, only one mandate of his presidency, according to the astrologer, was only a political and technological decision.

“In fact, he always thought of 10 years as president, and now he talks about it. Zelensky is not a cunning crook and not a “cunning yellow” like Poroshenko, and therefore says what he thinks “, – noted Vlad Ross.

According to Ross, Zelensky has now had favorable years and he is in luck.

“If the next presidential election takes place in 2024, then, most likely, nothing will prevent Vladimir Zelensky from being re-elected”, – said Ross.

At the same time, according to him, just during this period for the outgoing president, there is a danger of murder.

“Mars is in the house of guns, and even in conjunction with Mercury in the house of murder. So the second term can be overshadowed by a corpse, “ – stressed the astrologer.

According to him, neither the pro-Russian Medvedchukites nor the Western Ukrainians will tolerate Zelensky’s second term and can literally kill.

With all this, Vladimir Zelensky, according to Vlad Ross, is the first president of Ukraine who really wants good for the country, and this can be seen from the horoscope.

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