Astrologer Vlad Ross explained how Zelensky can “cancel” Putin’s plans for the Donbass



Ukraine can end the confrontation in the east of the country and the cessation of bombing.

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Astrologer Ross explained how Zelensky “zeroed out” for Putin’s plan. Photo:

To do this, a number of conditions must be met. This opinion was expressed by astrologer Vlad Ross in an interview with Dialog.UA.

According to him, by the end of the year, a real cease-fire can be reached.

“My main advice is to Vladimir Zelensky to delay the meeting with Putin for as long as possible and to meet him in Berlin at the very end of 2020”, – said Ross.

The astrologer stressed that time was now on Zelensky’s side. The current situation with the coronavirus and a host of other problems in Russia will only prolong a personal meeting with Putin.

According to Ross, with such a strategy, Ukraine can minimize the influence of the Kremlin on the internal policy of our country.

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