Asus Zenfone 5, here is the first beta (on AOSP) of Android 10


Good news for owners Asus Zenfone 5The former top of the assortment of Taiwanese companies was launched in early 2018 and was also a great success in Italy. In fact, within a few hours, the manufacturer released the first beta Android 10.

This is definitely a specific release: in this case, Asus completely abandons the settings of its Zen user interface and therefore bases the new beta version of Android 10 on AOSP. Same Asus therefore, remember that those who do not want to give up on features Zen ui they will have to be content with staying on Android Pie 9 forever and therefore not consider this version for developers.

The firmware in question is marked with an abbreviation V17.0615.2003.20 and can be downloaded directly from the official page Asus dedicated to updates (Press here for download): can be installed only if Asus Zenfone 5 There is the latest stable version, 06.1615.2002.120, and it is important to remember that you must first make a backup, since all data will be lost when flashing the firmware.

Particular indications in official change list but it’s easy to guess that all the innovations that were characteristic of stock version of Android 10such as the default dark mode, digital well-being, new navigation gestures, etc.

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