At SETH, they explained why animals went to auction



At SETH, they explained why animals went to auction

At SETH, they explained why animals are auctioned

05.21.2020 12:10


Animals can be put up for auction due to the poor conservation of the animal – after a judicial decision of confiscation of the owner.

About this correspondent Ukrinform told the acting director general of HE “SETAM” Alexander Mamro.

“Why do animals go to auction? If I understand correctly, the most urgent problem today concerns two dogs (according to the media – approximately), which are on sale at the auction SE” SETAM ” These animals are sold in accordance with a court decision on the confiscation of the owners, for poor conservation of the animals, that is to say there is a decision of the judge on the confiscation and a fine on the owners. Why is there such a court decision? Because these people, while keeping domestic animals, did not breed animals, the animals behaved aggressively and added nap to the people, ” – he stressed.

The official noted that such protocols are established under section 254 of the Code of Administrative Offenses and that in the future the matter will be referred to a court – where a decision will then be made on the confiscation and the sale.

“As a rule, these animals are not confiscated, no one now takes them from the owners, the animals are kept by these people until the time of the auction. Then the state entrepreneur transfers all the information to the description to HE “SETAM” – he explained.

Then the general procedure continues – within 30 days for registration at auction, and anyone can register and redeem the animal.

“In the future, the animal remains, again, from this owner, or it can be removed by another procedure – transferred, for example, to a dog training center, where the animal will be kept in good condition condition, “noted Mamro.

The representative of “SETAM” added: the law regulates the existence of an exhaustive list of goods that can be seized, described and sold.

“They mainly take pets. The problem of domestic animals – dogs, cats – these are exceptional cases,” he added.

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Alexander Mamro also expressed the hope that in the future such a procedure would be further regulated.

Earlier, the media published information on the sale of elite dogs via the SE platform “SETAM”.

In particular, on May 22, tenders for the Pit Bull Terrier 2015, located in the Donetsk region, expire.

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