At the border of North and South Korea, an explosion



The incident occurred on Tuesday June 16 in the city of Kaesong (North Korea), located just off the border with South Korea.

The border of North and South Korea
The border of North and South Korea. Stock Photo –

This is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Facts“.

As reported by the Korean Ministry of Unification, the explosion was staged by the authorities of the DPRK 0, they undermined the inter-Korean communications office. The latter started operating in 2018 and was intended to facilitate communication between neighboring states. But in January 2020, he stopped working due to the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

It should be noted that a few hours ago, North Korea threatened to introduce its troops into the demilitarized border regions in order to strengthen the border.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the DPRK is ready to start a war against North Korea.



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