At the station “Academician Vernadsky” took place



At the station

On the night of April 24, the official transfer of Akademik Vernadsky station from the 24th to the 25th Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition took place.

This is reported on Facebook by the National Antarctic Science Center.

“Time was running out, as the ice situation around the station deteriorates every day, and soon it will become inaccessible to ships until the next Antarctic summer. As a result, our polar explorers managed to completely unload all of the annual food and fuel supplies and equipment in less than 4 days to further modernize the station and transfer all of the business, “said the report.

As indicated, in 5-6 days, the ship “Betanzos” with a team of polar explorers should reach Chile.

According to the head of NANC, Evgeny Dikogo, with the Permanent Mission of Ukraine in Chile, a new path is being developed for the return of the twenty-fourth expedition to Ukraine. And it may take longer than usual, given the restrictions on crossing state borders and changes in air traffic. As a result, complex negotiations are underway as to whether it is necessary to leave the mandatory 2-week quarantine on return from Antarctica, since, on the one hand, Antarctica remains the only continent where there is no has no coronavirus yet; and on the other hand, when establishing the quarantine rules, none of the countries officially registered this exception.

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“But in any case, we are very happy that the change of polar explorers has taken place, and the way back home to our relatives and friends for our winterers has started after more than a year of polar change, despite the coronavirus pandemic and harsh weather conditions, “said Wild.

Photo: National Antarctic Science Center

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