At the top of the panic “LDNR” is preparing because of a critical level of death from diseases



Instead of the promised humanitarian convoys with food, medicine and money, Russia is sending military personnel and weapons to the occupied Donbas.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

In LDNR, panic is brewing.
In LDNR, the environmental impact of illegal armed groups is increasing, panic is brewing. Photo:

In the meantime, the situation with incidence in the region has continued to worsen and has become increasingly dangerous, especially among members of illegal armed groups.

This was written by famous blogger Donetsk Freethinker.

According to the blogger, a panic is brewing in the government offices of “LDNR”, Russia has not sent the promised aid.

“With Pushkin and Pasechnik, they were only waiting for medicine, food and, above all, money!” The leadership of the sub-republics simply has no money. There is nothing to pay and buy! In the ranks of the militias, they are already shouting: “What kind of kidalovo? Where is the money? Are they killing us? “ He wrote.

In fact, writes the Free Thinker, the Russian Federation has sent detachments so that in the event of an uncontrolled situation, disappointed members of illegal armed groups will not flee from the front.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin’s Russia had ended, the disaster can no longer be stopped.



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