At Ukroboronprom – the first case of coronavirus



At Ukroboronprom - the first case of coronavirus

One of the employees of a small research company in Kiev, part of the Ukroboronprom group of companies, has fallen ill with coronavirus and is being treated.

This was reported by the press service of Ukroboronprom.

“One of the employees of a small research company in Kiev, which is part of the Ukroboronprom group of companies, contracted a coronavirus. The case was not registered at the factory, the employee was at home on vacation. Now he is being treated in one of the capital’s hospitals, in serious and stable condition, “said the report.

It should be noted that the patient worked separately from the team and almost no one
contacted since daily since the start of quarantine in the company
no more than 40 employees went to work.

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The authorized bodies have formed a circle of company employees who
contact with patient, relatives and friends – they are all at home

The company itself has taken anti-epidemiological measures, the room where the patient worked two weeks ago was disinfected and placed under cocoon for 14 days.

In “Ukroboronprom” they said that the patient was a summer turner, the last time he was at work 20
March, since then, has been at home due to the fact that the business for a while
the quarantine went into partial operation. Being at home, I felt
ill health, caused an ambulance and was hospitalized in the infectious diseases department
one of the hospitals in the capital.

The management of the concern is in permanent contact with the patient’s family.

“It is the first and so far the only case of illness of a state employee
Defense business for the structure of “Ukroboronprom”, “says the report.

The press service also said that with the introduction of quarantine
most of the group’s defense companies have moved to
and reduced the number of daily workers by almost 65%. IN
80% of employees work remotely for the relevant and special exporting companies.

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It is also reported that even before the introduction of national quarantine on
by order of the general manager of the company Aivaras Abromavicius in DC
“Ukroboronprom” and in all companies of concern has formed the seat of rapid response
COVID-19, which develops and implements measures to counter
the spread of coronavirus infection, provide teams with personal protective equipment, carry out awareness-raising actions and monitor the workers’ state of health.

Three days in a row, all companies perform daily temperature monitoring
workers and visitors, canteens and cafeterias are closed, access is limited
unauthorized persons, canceled all business trips abroad, introduces a financial method
economy. At the same time, the acquisition of the personal protective equipment necessary for the employees of the enterprise and enterprises is carried out, all other non-critical expenses are frozen.

Now, all companies affected by the implementation of the state defense order continue to fulfill contracts, manufacture and supply military equipment.
equipment for the armed forces of Ukraine and foreign states.

Separate defense firms adjust fundraising capabilities
personal protection – masks and respirators, medical oxygen for hospital needs

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