Attorney General Says Avakov Responded Quickly To Kagarlyk And Brovary Events



Attorney General Says Avakov Responded Quickly To Kagarlyk And Brovary Events

Attorney General Says Avakov Responded Quickly To Kagarlyk And Brovary Events

09/06/2020 13:29


Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova says Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reacted quickly to the situation in Kagarlyk and Brovary.

She said so in an interview with Ukrainian News.

“With regard to the activities of the Ministry of the Interior, I understand that I am faced with challenges, in particular with regard to the national police: both Kagarlyk and Brovary … there are many such cases. .. Regarding Kagarlyk, the question for the Minister is how did he react? … The reaction was rapid and in the legislative field. I can say the same of Brovary. That is, what allegations can I have as the Attorney General against the head of the law enforcement agency? Only by organizing the response process, “said the attorney general.

She stressed that she was equidistant from politics.

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“Society must appreciate the fact that I am equidistant from politics and that the Office of the Attorney General does not play with anyone. If the Attorney General needs a reaction to the actions of the Interior Ministry, it will act immediately “, assured Venediktova.

According to her, during joint meetings with Avakov, she allows herself to raise sharp questions.

“That is to say, I don’t have a stop or warning against someone, but when there’s no reason to slander, I’m not going to invent it ?!” – stressed the Attorney General.

She also denied that he was Avakov’s man. “The fact that they write that Venediktova is Avakov’s man does not at all correspond to reality,” said the prosecutor general.

In late May, two police officers from Kagarlyk were arrested on suspicion of rape, torture and beatings of a 26-year-old woman who was called to the police as a witness. After that, the Kagarlyk police station was dissolved and its management was suspended.

In addition, on the morning of May 29 in Brovary, among the houses, there was a shootout between the two groups due to the redistribution of passenger traffic. Today, 44 participants in the conflict in Brovary have been informed of suspicions, 31 have been arrested and 8 have been placed under house arrest.

On June 5, the Verkhovna Rada recorded a draft resolution on the dismissal of Arsen Avakov from the post of Minister of Internal Affairs.

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