Aurora spoke of pneumonia and suspected coronavirus: “Frankly, it was very bad”



Aurora spoke of pneumonia and suspected coronavirus:

Alexey Treiman and Aurora

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, 45-year-old TV presenter Aurora shared on Instagram her story of a recent illness that, as the Russian TV star described, resembled symptoms of COVID -19. Aurora and her husband, Alexey Treiman, 47, fell ill at the same time.

So Alexey and I had pneumonia. And healed! I’m going to talk about the coronavirus right away – we did the test 2 times. The first was taken by an ambulance, and what is unknown to him (we were not in the database), the second was taken by doctors from the clinic, and every day they tell us that your analysis is “grey”. No one has confirmed the crown for us, but we are sure it is (or was). Since all the signs are there – the temperature is from 37.3 to 38.5, aches, weakness, loss of smell and as a result of pneumonia. Alexey has two sides, in my right lung (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. – N.D.E.), – Aurora told the social network.

Aurora spoke of pneumonia and suspected coronavirus:


As Alexei suffered from bronchial asthma, he and his wife did not hesitate and immediately contacted the pulmonologist who treated him, who ordered a CT scan. The pneumonia was therefore confirmed. The spouses refused hospitalization so as not to leave their daughter and their dog unattended, so they were treated at home, but under the supervision of the doctors with whom they were in contact.

Frankly, it was very bad. His whole body ached terribly, as if nails hammered his head, and his back fell. The temperature did not drop below 37.3, sometimes it went up to 38. The weakness was such that it was impossible to spend more than 5 minutes on my feet. And most importantly – it was very scary. Especially at night, – remembered the peak of Aurora disease.

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Aurora spoke of pneumonia and suspected coronavirus:

Aurora and Alexey Treiman with their daughter

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